Lt. Gov. Forest Advocates For Bathroom Bill in Texas While Working to Kill HB2 Repeal in North Carolina

March 6, 2017

 Lt. Gov. Forest Advocates For Bathroom Bill in Texas While Working to Kill HB2 Repeal in North Carolina  

RALEIGH, NC – Lieutenant Governor Forest is jetting off to Texas to advocate for that state’s version of House Bill 2 today, even as he is actively working with Republicans in North Carolina to scuttle attempts at a commonsense repeal.

According to reports, Forest will be joining Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick at a press conference at 11:30am EST today to support Patrick’s efforts to introduce a ‘bathroom bill’ in Texas. Patrick’s efforts have drawn widespread opposition across Texas.

Similar efforts to introduce House Bill 2-like legislation in states across the South includingGeorgia and South Carolina have been halted by Republican leaders after seeing the economic and reputational damage inflicted in North Carolina.

Forest’s trip comes amid his intense efforts in North Carolina to scuttle any repeal of House Bill 2, including making verifiably false claims about Governor Cooper’s plan to strengthen laws around safety in public accommodations. Forest similarly joined other Republicans inundermining a previously agreed upon deal to repeal House Bill 2 in last December’s special session.

“If you want to see what the priorities of North Carolina’s Republican leaders are, just look at what Lieutenant Governor Forest has said and done,” said NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds. “Instead of working with Governor Cooper to repeal this horrible and destructive bill, Forest is actively working to spread this kind of legislation to other states. It’s no surprise then that Forest and his fellow Republicans are blocking Governor Cooper’s efforts to find a reasonable compromise to repeal House Bill 2.”