Right-Wing Leaders Claim Credit For Republicans Killing HB 2 Compromise

March 6, 2017
Contact: MikeGwin@ncdemocraticparty.org

 Right-Wing Leaders Claim Credit For Republicans Killing HB 2 Compromise

RALEIGH, NC – Today, NCDP Chair Wayne Goodwin held a press conference at the North Carolina General Assembly to highlight how right-wing leaders have actively undermined efforts to repeal House Bill 2.

The NC Values Coalition has been encouraging Republican legislators to oppose any compromise and has been a cheerleader of House Bill 2. They even recently emailed supporters to brag about how their efforts to sabotage any repeal efforts have been successful. Similarly, Lt. Governor Forest has actively advocated for House Bill 2, even traveling today to Texas to support a similar measure there.

While Governor Cooper has shown leadership by pushing to find a compromise solution, Republican leaders have consistently acted in bad faith and have tried to sabotage a possible deal.

“North Carolinians are sick and tired of House Bill 2 and the damage it’s causing our state,” said NCDP Chair Wayne Goodwin. “Despite public widespread opposition to keeping House Bill 2 on the books, Republican leaders are actively undermining political support for any compromise. It’s time for Republicans in the General Assembly to show some leadership and join Governor Cooper in working to find a solution.”


VALUES COALITION TOOK CREDIT FOR NC REPUBLICANS FAILURE TO COMPOMISE ON HB 2. “It’s working. They’re listening. I have had a number of General Assembly members contact me to thank us for your outreach. Others have been shocked by the sheer volume of your messages. Even more important, many legislators have begged us to keep it up. They told us the grassroots outreach is making a real difference, and it’s desperately needed right now. We can’t stop. We’ve already scored a victory by preventing a repeal by NCAA’s deadline. However, a number of the sponsors of HB 186 and other like bills are still trying to get HB2 repealed. Some are even Republicans who voted to pass HB2. Besides the co-sponsors, there are also other Republicans on the fence that need to hear from you. We really need constituents of the sponsors of the anti-HB2 bill to click below to contact their representatives and tell them NOT to repeal our privacy and safety protections.

  • Rep. Ted Davis Jr., R. District 19 (New Hanover)
  • Rep. Chuck McGrady, R. District 117 (Henderson)
  • Rep. Jon Hardister, R. District 59 (Guilford)
  • Rep. Holly Grange, R. District 20 (New Hanover)
  • Rep. John A. Fraley, R. District 95 (Iredell)
  • Rep. John Faircloth, R. District 61 (Guilford)
  • Rep. Andy Dulin, R. District 104 (Mecklenburg)
  • Rep. Nelson Dollar, R. District 38 (Wake)
  • Rep. John R. Bradford III, R. District 98 (Mecklenburg)
  • Rep. Stephen M. Ross, R. District 63 (Alamance)
  • Rep. Gregory F. Murphy, R. District 9 (Pitt)
  • Rep. Chris Malone, R. District 35 (Wake)
  • Rep. Linda P. Johnson, R. District 83 (Cabarrus)
  • Rep. D. Craig Horn, R. District 68 (Union)
[Values Coalition Email, “It’s Working, They’re Listening, 3/02/17]


Values Coalition Wrote Email Criticizing HB 186. “Thanks to HB2, we don’t have governments in NC trying to punish our citizens just for living according to our beliefs. The “compromise “offered by certain Republicans in HB186 will allow the same kind of government punishment and coercion the Larsens are suffering in MN.” [NC Values Coalition Email, “Tonight’s Story: The Larsens, St. Cloud Filmakers, 2/28/17]

Values Coalition Sent Out Email Encouraging People To Contact Their Representatives To Tell Them To Oppose HB 186. “This week several Republican House members joined with two Democrat House members to file HB 186. We do not support this bill, because we do not believe it is in the best interest of the people of North Carolina. It gives the City of Charlotte, all other cities across the state, and our community colleges and universities the ability to pass “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” laws easily and saddles those who don’t agree with these oppressive laws with having to pass a public referendum to repeal the laws. We need you right now to take a minute to use our tool below to contact your legislator, and tell them NOT to support HB 186, and NOT to cave to political correctness!” [NC Values Coalition Email, “URGENT: They’re Caving To Political Correctness,” 2/23/17]