Matt HughesSecond Vice Chair

Matt Hughes

Second Vice Chair

Matt Hughes has been involved in public service, Democratic politics, and progressive causes for nearly a decade. Matt was raised in Hillsborough, attended Orange County Public Schools, and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he was a Carolina Covenant Scholar.
Matt has served at every level of the North Carolina Democratic Party and previously served as a county chair, which at the time of his election in November 2011 made him the youngest county chair in the state’s history. He has also served as a precinct chair, congressional district officer, statewide auxiliary president, and chair of a state party policy committee. He is now proud to serve as the NCDP’s Second Vice Chair. Matt understands the value of a grassroots organization that works together. Matt is focused on making sure the grassroots is watered and supported, including a 50-state, 100-county strategy, as key to being successful in elections and governing.
Believing that people should be active members of their community, Matt serves on several non-profit and local government advisory boards. When taking a break from politics, Matt enjoys cheering on the Carolina Tar Heels. He has a black Labrador named Charlotte and they live in Hillsborough, Matt’s hometown.